A standard solution to provide backup or uninterrupted power supply to any facility is installing an additional petrol or diesel generator. But what if an additional power plant cannot be installed at the site? For example, there is no room for installation. Or should we say on a yacht you need to use some electrical devices for a short time, not run a diesel generator every time you want to make coffee? There is a good solution as an inverter system of backup power supply.

How does it work?

There are two main components in this system. Firstly is the inverter set, then is the battery set. An inverter, or a converter if you may, provides consumers with electrical power generated by battery energy. The inverter may consist of an automatic switch between network and battery operating modes. In some cases, inverters have a built-in AVR or voltage stabilizer. Switching from batteries to work occurs automatically when the main power supply is lost. In addition, the inverter comprises a built-in charger that monitors the state of the batteries and, if an external power supply is provided, provides the charge to the accumulator batteries.  In other words, the inverter combined with the charger works in two directions. It generates an alternating voltage from a constant voltage in a stand-alone mode, and when a boat or yacht is connected to a shore-based electrical grid, it functions as a multi-stage charger.

How to find a suitable inverter?

The power of the inverter is chosen based on the power of all electrical appliances on your boat. The nominal power of the inverter is the power that the inverter can give permanently and for a long time. The maximum or starting power of the inverter is the power that the inverter can produce in the short term. It can reach up to 300% of the nominal power. This is relevant because all electrical appliances with electric motors (refrigerators, pumps, electric tools, vacuum cleaners, etc.) consume more power at launch than their passport indicates.

The form of the output voltage is an important criterion in the choice of the inverter, but unfortunately, in many cases, out of ignorance, the buyer ignores it.

Inverters with modified sine, meander, and quasi-sine are recommended only for heating appliances, incandescent lamps, computers, and other electrical appliances with no transformer pulsed power supply. The use of such inverters with electrical devices having electric motors and transformers reduces their efficiency, produces foreign sounds, and overheats, with the possibility of their premature failure.

For any electrical appliances’ correct and safe operation, a choice should be made favoring inverters with pure sine at the exit.

The main advantages of operating a combined inverter system of 4-10 kW on a yacht are:

  • Compactness: inverter size with microwave oven and batteries with dimensions 50x20x20 cm
  • Effortless installation: the inverter/charger is mounted on a vertical surface (usually close to the distribution panel), and accumulators are mounted nearby. Commissioning takes only a few hours.
  • The efficiency of the inverter system is 98%!
  • The life of our Victron or MasterVolt inverter systems is more than 15 years (actual, not theoretical!).
  • The overload capacity of our inverter systems is 200% in 30 seconds and peak mode – up to 300%!
  • The switching time from the batteries shall not exceed 10 ms. This means that inverter systems provide an absolute uninterrupted power supply! For example, this is necessary to not lose the results on the computer when the shore power is switched off. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +65°C.
  • Inverter systems have no difficulty in operating without load since the inverter is pure electronics, with no moving mechanical parts to be worn (excluding cooling fan)
  • The autonomy time depends on the capacity of the battery and can be up to several days. The installation and use of renewable energy sources on your boat make the inverter system 100% autonomous!
  • Our Victron and Mastervolt inverters/chargers are characterized by high output current quality (high-frequency stability, absence of harmonic distortions, and voltage surges), therefore suitable for any, even the most sensitive types of electrical equipment.
  • Almost silent: During operation, noise is no more from them than from the work of a computer.
  • No exhaust: Inverter feeding systems are entirely ecological.
  • Completely unserviceable: our inverters and Victron and Mastervolt batteries do not require maintenance – you even could forget about their existence.
  • Since the inverter needs no fuel, and all of the energy it accumulates in the batteries you would have spent on the network, its maintenance cost is close to zero!
  • Combined inverter/charger and battery do not require maintenance. Service costs = 0 Euro!

The inverter system allows the use of additional energy sources: a wind generator and photovoltaic modules. At the same time, combined systems using an inverter power supply and a stand-alone generator can save fuel and generator engine life by simultaneously separating the load, including by compensating for peak loads.

Victron Energy (Netherlands) and Mastervolt (Netherlands) are leading manufacturers of high-reliability voltage inverters used in responsible applications and demand in private and professional sectors. The most up-to-date and advanced technologies have been applied to the production of inverters. Only the high-quality electronic components from the best and most famous world brands are used as components.

Scope of application of voltage inverters Victron Energy and Mastervolt.

  • On yachts, boats, vessels;
  • Land transport – trucks, trains;
  • In special transport – ambulances, fire engines;
  • Alternative energy systems;
  • In light industry.

Finally, the most important benefit in favor of the inverter system.

Our planet can’t wait any longer. We need to act now. Finally, let’s be responsible for our environmental impacts and strive to use energy from renewable sources, including solar and wind energy.
It’s 100% clean electricity with zero CO2 emissions. Each of us, modernizing our personal life or production processes in our enterprises, reduces greenhouse gas emissions – invests in the restoration of natural ecosystems, and therefore invests in the healthy life of our children and grandchildren.
Today, this conscious choice has become popular among millions of people around the world.
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