Electrical Equipment

Safety Fundamentals of Ship’s Electrical Equipment

Modern boats and yachts are technically sophisticated vehicles, using the best achievements of modern shipbuilding, metal processing, energy-saving and electronics. The role of modern ship electricians in the correct operation of all nodes and mechanisms cannot be overemphasized. The reliability and efficiency of electrical equipment operation on your yacht depend on the proper functioning of almost all systems, as well as the possibility of a long and safe transition in autonomous mode.

Electrical equipment on your boat in a nutshell.

All the electrical equipment on your boat serves three of the most important purposes – to generate, convert and distribute electricity for all necessary needs of your boat, its management, and control. On-board electrical equipment is the whole complex of various on-board devices responsible for the quality and continuity of the required quantity of electrical energy supplied to the vessel’s systems, its accumulation, transformation, delivery with regard to safety and energy-saving, ensuring the proper operation of all ship systems requiring electrical power: basic and emergency power supply systems to ensure the viability of the vessel in normal and emergencies. Without proper work of the onboard electrics, even the most fashionable yacht turns into a beautiful but useless piece of iron or plastic.

A little bit more about the safety of your boat.

It is impossible to have a modern yacht without an independent power supply. High-quality electrical equipment will help you avoid extreme unfavorable situations and guarantee the yacht’s stable operation in any conditions. Ultimately, all electrical work on your boat is to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew and the ship’s life.

What can be installed on your boat?

Ship’s electrical equipment includes marine batteries and chargers, power supply, converters, distributors and regulators, cables, electrical connectors, relays, fuses and other components, as well as more complex systems.
More complex systems include, for example, distribution systems capable of solving complex yacht power supply problems with complete protection against overload, the possibility of switching on and disconnecting group chains, equipped with central power supply and control authorities for ship-borne systems.

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