Electric Tunnel Thrusters

Why do you need electric tunnel thrusters on a boat?

A frequent problem in mooring a yacht or boat is the weak manoeuvrability of the boat. It is a loss of precious time, and, in case of mooring in a storm or a strong wind, it can even cause damage to the vessel’s hull with a pier or another boat.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

What are the thrusters doing for you?

  • Allows you to sail when docking and manoeuvring in the difficult conditions of overcrowded yachting clubs.
  • Requires only one crew member to drive a boat of any size.
  • Reduces the probability of hitting another boat or berth, which can cause damage
  • Minimize the risk of injury of crew members or guests during mooring or manoeuvring.
  • Won`t get on your nerves and make your stay on the boat more comfortable.

 Electrical or hydraulic thruster?

Bow and stern thrusters, both retractable and tunnel, require a power supply. On a vessel, it may be a 12/24 V DC power supply or hydraulic drive. The hydraulic transmission shall be supplied by a hydraulic pump from an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. The motor will be powered directly by the battery.

The choice of thruster will depend on the frequency of use, operating time and required engine size.

All the benefits of electrical thrusters

Electrical thrusters are easy to install and do not require maintenance. They are provided with electronic protection against overheating, overloading and other factors that may cause damage. Electrical thrusters are designed for all types of boats: small or large, flat-bottom or keel, slow or fast.

It is easy to use, reliable and not an expensive thruster.

Excellent price-quality ratio. Easy installation, long life.

Bow and stern thrusters

The combined use of bow and stern thrusters provides an entirely new control level when manoeuvring under challenging conditions or in hard-to-reach locations. Turning in place or even turning the entire boat aside becomes possible with a single click of the switch.

Bow and stern thrusters gaelixmarineservice.com

How choose a electric tunnel thruster right?

It is important to choose the right power of the thruster. Max Power has developed the following table to make it easier for you to select and simplify the complex calculations associated with the design features of each ship.

Tunnel thruster Selection Chart GaelixMarineService.com

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