Bow and Stern Thrusters

Why do you need a thruster on a boat?

The manoeuvres of a yacht or a motorboat require high precision and skill, and the thrusters are your primary assistants. They make it possible to improve the vessel’s handling at low speeds, in high winds or during mooring.

What types of thrusters exist?

Generally speaking, pleasure craft or yachtsare mainly equipped with three types of bow and stern thrusters:  tunnel, outboard or retractable.

  • Outboard thrusters are typically installed with the aid of a bracket. Therefore they are limited in power and are usually installed on small boats and yachts. Besides, some outboard thrusters create additional resistance to the boat’s hull, which also does not add to their popularity.
  • Retractable thrusters are used much less frequently in tunnels. This is due to the significantly higher cost of both the thruster itself and the installation and maintenance work. They are essentially the same as tunnel thrusters but with additional mechanisms that allow them to leave the boat hull and hide back after use.
  • Tunnel thrusters are used in most cases. . It is the most reliable type of thrusters but also the most expensive. For these qualities, modern yacht and boat manufacturers, in most cases, install this type of thruster in the factory. Tunnel thrusters shall be installed in the bow or stern of the boat inside the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, in the middle, there is a propeller that can rotate in both directions. Depending on the length and type of boat, tunnel thrusters can be electric or hydraulic. Spinning at a certain speed, the propeller creates a powerful flow of water. This flow of water exiting the tunnel collides with the water around the tunnel, pushing the boat’s bow or stern in the opposite direction.

 Bow thruster

It is essential equipment on the boat, which allows docking safely in any place and any weather. With the bow thruster, manoeuvring becomes more accessible, faster and safer.

The bow thruster is mounted at the bow of the boat inside the tunnel. A plastic or bronze propeller can rotate in two directions, creating a powerful stream of water from the left or right side of the boat’s bow. As a result, the boat’s nose is shifted in the opposite direction from the water flowing out of the steering device.

Stern thruster

If you want absolute control of your boat during manoeuvring, then a stern thruster, combined with a bow thruster, gives you this possibility.

The bow and stern thrusters’ combined operation opens up completely new possibilities for manoeuvring in even the most narrow places or under terrible weather conditions. Working with a bow and stern thrusters in opposite directions, you can turn the boat in seconds. When both drives are operating in the same order, you are perfectly accurate to dock aboard your ship at the dock, no matter what the difficulties.

A stern thruster is permanently installed in the boat’s trench. The electric or hydraulic drive is located inside the ship, and the propeller, which is inside the tunnel, is located outside under the waterline.

Why do experienced captains choose Max Power’s thrusters?

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Electric Tunnel Thrusters

Retractable Thrusters

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