Options for autonomous power supply of the Smart House. 

How to solve the problem of power outage?

Smart House is a well-tuned system of interaction of different subsystems of controlling the infrastructure elements of a country house or apartment. Smart House creates comfortable conditions and safe environment for living and sometimes allows you to save on energy resources.

But the whole sense of "smart solutions" is lost without autonomous power supply, which can support normal work of important elements of the system (heating, security cameras, presence effect, alarms, etc.).  The homeowner may be on vacation, and at that moment the power is lost for an indefinite period of time, in which case the ability to control and manage the homeownership is lost.

To avoid unpleasant situations and to ensure safety and reliability, an autonomous power supply for the house is required.

The basic scheme of such a solution consists of an uninterruptible power supply and external batteries with the necessary reserve of energy to ensure the functioning of important subsystems.

This solution has the following characteristics:
 - Instantaneous transfer to stand-alone mode (continuity is maintained); 
 - Stable frequency and voltage values (important for sensitive control electronics); 
 - Long life cycle of the equipment; 
 - No maintenance is required ("install and forget"); 
 - Quiet performance (does not disturb anyone)

To increase the level of autonomy and independence from external power grids, the basic scheme can be complemented with alternative energy sources (solar panels).  This allows you to increase the autonomous operating time of the house using an alternative battery charger.
The longest operating time ( lasting several days or more) has a combined system based on an uninterruptible power supply, batteries, solar batteries and a diesel generator. This type of power supply is installed, as they say, "for all occasions" or for remote objects that have no network connection at all.