But electric engines have their own indisputable advantages - silent performance, unique maneuverability, the ability to move in shallow water. When fishing it allows you to silently approach the fish, and when hunting to the ducks, huddled in the reeds. Some fishermen put two motors - a gasoline motor for the transition to the fishing points and a quiet electric motor, directly for fishing.

Generally, an electric motor for a boat is called a trolling motor.  Trolling is one of the most interesting ways of fishing from a boat at the slowest possible speed. And we are glad to offer our clients all variants of these engines from the famous brands Minn Kota and MotorGuide.


Very often electric engines are used as additional motors on boats weighing up to 1200 kg, but there are also powerful electric units for larger boats.

AutomarineTechnology offers one of the world's most popular brand ePropulsion, which starts from Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP) and includes several series of engines for use on displacement boats, as main engine or additional tool for maneuvering when mooring, on barges, pontoons, sailing yachts.

Where can we use electric motors?

ePropulsion engines are suitable for all cases when not only speed is important, but also stable and energy-efficient running. A wide range of engines allows to find right choice for every boat hull and every type of setup. From the Vaquita for Stand-Up Paddleboards, the Spirit and Navy series for small powerboats, tender boats, sailboats, and workboats; the Pod Drive series for sailboats and bottom-mounted boats; and the newest H-100, a 100 kW fixed motor designed specifically for large sailboats and powerboats up to 100 feet (30 meters) in length and displacement up to 200 tons.

ePropulsion has many useful options and accessories to customize this equipment for any usage conditions. And ePropulsion engines with hydrogenerator function for sailing yachts will allow collecting electric power from wind and water and storing it in accumulator batteries.

A bit about the design of the electric motor.

Let's go back to the traditional, small electric boat engines, which are widely available and popular all over the world and have almost the same design. At the top is the control unit, tiller (usually a telescopic handle), at the bottom is the engine, on its shaft is a propeller.  Between the top and bottom is a connecting rod with depth control of the propeller in the water. Everything is very simple and convenient. In general there is nothing to break.
All compact electric boat motors are characterized by low weight, instant start, cheap operation (no gasoline costs) and savings on maintenance. What is the difference, and why the price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer? The main difference is in the quality of manufacture and reliability. We advise to choose among the proven brands, which are represented by official dealers, provided with guarantees and have passed the test of time.
We have been representing Minn Kota and MotorGuide boat electric engines for many years. When choosing a manufacturer, we were primarily interested in the reliability of electric engines and the price/quality ratio.
Minn Kota is a high production quality, low weight and dimensions, unique reliability and durability. Special design of the propeller prevents the winding of the seaweed. Mounting on a boat is very easy, even mounting on the transom.  Different arm lengths allow the Minn Kota to be used on different types of boats as an additional thruster motor. The motor can be turned at any angle, making it easy to maneuver in shallow water. The design includes a high-strength knot for mounting the motor on the transom, as well as an LED battery level indicator (on most models). The same can be said about MotorGuide motors that have plenty of models for both fresh and salt water, from the simplest variants with manual control to wireless models with GPS determination of current coordinates.

A word about battery packs.

Some electric engine owners use car batteries, which are designed for peak loads, not for complete discharging. And that's definitely not a good option.
The best option is AGM or Lithium-Ion marine batteries specifically designed for heavy duty use.
Online store https://automarinetechnology.com offers batteries of the world's best brands Victron, Mastervolt and of course ePropulsion for their electric motors. Our specialists will help you calculate the required motor power, choose and buy a boat motor and battery.

Choose the best and be the best in cooperation with us.