This model is an upgrade to the existing MultiPlus-II 3000, with the addition of built-in GX features. It has all the benefits you'd expect from GX units.

Just like the EasySolar-II 3000VA GX, the MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 GX has a small two-line display that shows you what the unit is doing, and if needed, it can also display a detailed error code - you don't have to count blinking LEDs anymore!

With the MultiPlus-II GX models, you can build a two- or three-phase system, or a parallel system. But there can only be one GX unit in such a system.  In fact, one GX is sufficient, so it makes no sense to buy three MultiPlus-II 3000VA GX units and install them in a three-phase system. Instead, you buy one MultiPlus-II 3000VA GX, and then add two regular MultiPlus-II units of the same capacity.

The GX version has the following interfaces for data transfer and connection of additional devices: VE.Direct, VE.Bus, VE.Can, Ethernet, USB.