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KING Coax Cable Entry Cover Plate



Coax Cable Entry Cover PlateUse when mounting KING Tailgater or Quest to the roof of your RV to provide a watertight seal where cables penetrate the roof...

Stock Status6


KING Tailgater Security Alarm



Tailgater Security AlarmConnects between antenna and receiver. Audible alarm sounds if antenna is disconnected...

Stock StatusOut Of Stock

KVH MPN: 19-1040

KVH DIRECTV Ethernet Coax Adapter (DECA)



DIRECTV Ethernet Coax Adapter (DECA)For Automatic Switching in Multi-receiver Applications..

Stock Status1

KVH MPN: 72-0563




DIRECTV H25 RF Remote KitRF Remote Control Kit for DirecTV H25 HD receiver.This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns...

Stock Status5

KVH MPN: 19-0410

KVH Dual Output Signal Destacker



Dual Signal DestackerThis dual signal destacker is compatible with most KVH Industries TracVision units without HDTV capabilities and enables an HDTV signal to be sent to 2 receivers, so your family can enjoy satellite TV content...

Stock Status1

KVH MPN: 72-0900-H24

KVH H24 DIRECTV Receiver - 110V AC w/IR/RF Remote - *Remanufactured



H24 DIRECTV Receiver - 110V AC with IR/RF Remote - *Remanufactured DIRECTV H24 High Definition HD ready receiver is small, fast, and smart! This HD receiver works with all DIRECTV systems including legacy dish systems.It works quickly and quietl..

Stock Status12

KVH MPN: 72-0900-HR24

KVH HR24 HD/DVR Receiver - 110V AC f/DIRECTV w/RF/IR Remote Control - *Remanufactured



HR24 HD/DVR Receiver - 110V AC for DIRECTV with RF/IR Remote Control - *RemanufacturedKVH Satellite Receiver with RF remote can be mounted in cabinets and hidden away located. Ideal for marine installations. The HR24 for DIRECTV is an HD DVR satellit..

Stock Status3

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