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 Automarine Technology is a wholesaler-retailer of marine accessories, equipment and spare parts, with a head office located in Poland.
What started as a small service center for boat and yacht equipment repair in 2007 has now grown into a one-stop store for marine equipment and accessories.
 Thanks to our extensive knowledge in repair and maintenance of boats and yachts, we understand perfectly what mechanical or electrical equipment should be installed on your boat, so that it would work properly and smoothly even in the toughest conditions. And that's important, because even the smallest and seemingly unimportant equipment on your boat can affect your safety and the safety of those around you.
 We try to offer a full range of leading brands of equipment that are installed on our customers' boats to meet all repair and maintenance needs from A to Z.  Also, a large part of our product range is also suitable for other industries that are not related to the sea. This can include vehicles and buses, alternative energy and the construction industry.  

 Our extensive practical knowledge of all the mechanical and electrical components of your boat can ensure that you will find the best equipment or accessory for any purpose quickly and correctly, whether it be:

- Choosing the right replacement part for your air conditioning system

- Assisting in troubleshooting problems with your marine inverter or charger

- Selecting the right anchor or winch for your boat

- Equipping your commercial fishing vessel with the best possible electronics

- Installation of brand new sound system for your boat

Or any other equipment selection questions you may have. Our technical support and sales staff have years of boat experience and are always ready to help. We continue to work hard to become even better and sincerely hope for a long-term cooperation with you - our best customer.

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